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Capetown Guest House, nestled in the heart of Islamabad, an earshot from Jinnah Super, has been has welcomed visitors since 2013, customers who visit year upon year because the place has been a home away from home for regular visitors.

The team at Capetown Guesthouse takes pride in their culture and values and are always excited to offer best of hospitality to their guests. The whole guesthouse is designed to accommodate families and to help enhance their stay in a quiet, tranquil area with all amenities mere minutes away, all the while having Islamabad immediately accessible from the gates.

1- Client Specifications

The Director of Capetown reached out to SurgEngin with an open ended discussion of what their digital strategy was and where they needed to go. After a series of discussions we learned that though the Guest House had a digital presence, it was more of a checklist than a strategy. They had a good customer base but could not draw in more guests through their digital channels. Some staffing issues were also identified, which do not directly fall under the purview of SurgEngin, however some solutions seemed like easy fixes so we added those to the deliverables.

2- Work Proposal

After conducting a forensic audit of the digital properties being used by Cape Town, problems were identified that were consistent with the director’s outline. Their digital properties were deemed to require an overhaul, SEO was non-existant both on and off-site. The operation could be classified as “suffering” mostly due to archaic, analog, micro-managed approach towards business practises, requiring more physical/man hours than were necessary for the task. The following solutions were proposed.

  • A complete digital platform overhaul including social media, website and .
  • A comprehensive digital media strategy for website and SEO optimization.
  • A Social media presence for the guesthouse to ensure a greater outreach
  • A sampling of data and report on how to enhance the existing customer base.

3- Deliverables

SurgEngin has delivered the following so far:

  • An redressing of Capetown guesthouse website.
  • Support in ensuring a social media presence and established a strategy to help improve a digital image.
  • Dedicated offline campaign to ensure reachout to prospect customers
  • Enlisting the business on various, relevant booking applications to open new revenue streams
  • Continual support in overhaul of the business practises.

SurgEngin is currently in process of continuing to support Capetown in the following tasks:

  • Implementation of digital media strategy
  • Implementation of alternative business streams – SurgEngin has introduced VAS for the guesthouse to ensure it expands its business activities in a vertical form, too.  
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Enhancement of website and creation of digital content
  • SEO is underway for the website
  • HR procedures and policies – an extension of our services
  • Helping in setting up alternative revenue stream for the gueshouse
  • Digitisation of the existing analog data to enhance productivity
  • Improving overall process efficiency

4- What we learned

As a client it, Capetown guesthouse, has provided us with unique set of problems to solve as despite being in an affluent area and a well meaning host, they were unable to maximise their potential – owing mainly to less efficient practices – which a lot of business suffer from in Pakistan’s market. It required us to input not just digital media solutions but to dust our business management overalls and dawn the cape once again to save the day – or at least try to. We have been continually been working with them to ensure they improve on their HR practises, their teams are being gradually trained to ensure they have the right attitude and deliver an excellent customer service to any guests. The overall outlook of the business is now gearing towards ensuring they play to their strengths and surge towards a more clear and automated path. We’re no superheroes but we don’t mind being the saviour if it helps the odd business liven up again.  

The fact that we were able to identify and suggest VAS that the management of the guesthouse had not been able to identify was quite a satisfying moment as it ensured that they were able to see the financial logic behind it. Also the fact that our solutions for the clients were designed so that it can make their campaign work doubly efficient and support both existing and future was very satisfying – as we all know, value for money solutions can never be underestimated.

5- General thoughts

As we continue to work with the Capetown Guesthouse team, we hope to learn more on our way and ensure the business of our client improves even further. So far it has challenged us in terms of coming up with ideas to help enhance their business as a whole and repair and reconfigure their business practises, one of the best feelings is when you can improve business practises to ensure efficiencies are achieved through business process re-engineering without having to give away an arm and a leg. This bodes well for all parties involved.