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The Ngin Revs Up

Gaia was SurgEngin’s maiden voyage. We were, at the time, taking our skills on the road together for the first time. However, armed with decades of experience in jobs and freelancing, we were quite prepared.

First Contact

At our first meeting, we went to meet the CEO of an as-of-yet unnamed company that wanted to produce and publish Polypropylene bags to address the growing need for environmentally conscious carrying solutions. Polypropylene is highly versatile and can be manufactured to fit any requirements. They have the finest manufacturing quality in this hemisphere, they have a highly competitive pricing model and they have an abundance of ambition and a laser guided focus on their vision.

This company is the subsidiary of a Polypropylene Manufacturing catering strictly to large scale clients.

The Assignment

SurgEngin was tasked with devising the very identity of the company. This included Branding, Website, Stationary, all the write-ups including company introduction, business strategy, and some other requests in between. If a customer tells a tailor to stitch them a fine suit, the tailor will only be too happy to comply. SurgEngin was going to stitch the finest digital solution that fit with every single one of the clients specifications.

The Solution

The client requested that we come up with a name that has an earthy vibe since this product is environment friendly and that was its greatest selling point. We came up with the name Gaia, the appellation was derived from Greek mythology, the primordial deity who is also the spirit of the Earth and matriarch of the lineage of Greek Gods. This sentiment directly resonated with Gaia’s vision of creating a new lineage of products from the ground up.

The name Gaia alone was not available for trademark and . To add the visual of Gaia = Green.
Gaia Green’s domain became GaiaGreen.Earth (the suffix,”. earth” chosen because it further pushed the message of environmental friendliness). The logo was originally G with unique typography, but Gaia wanted a more visual representation of their company. Then we proposed the Gaia Tree which came from the norse concept of the world tree, known as Yggdrasil which was shortened to the following design.

[add design later]
A simplistic design was chosen for the website to keep the focus on the product. A product photographer was used to document the polypropylene production process and a video was scripted, composed and animated to help illustrate the Gaia Mythos.

[add link to video]
The entire content above was custom designed to fit the parameters.


  • Site redesign
  • Additional animation
  • Ban plastic campaign